Everyone, every human on this earth was born in adversity. Coming out of that sweet, comforting and warm mother’s belly does represent a tear when one lands into a world that is destroying us more than it fills, isn’t it? At work, with family, in one’s relationship with others, issues can be found anywhere…Every single day is a new adventure created to overcome victories and failures in one’s daily routine.

In the manner of American football players who are endlessly struggling in order to bring success to their team, it seemed natural to me to compare this technique and strength sport, yet really strategic as well to illustrate our lifestyle in the 2010’s, where everything happens so quickly, where relationships are made and unmade at the pace of posts that are barely read, where the crisis gives way to the only ones who are strong enough to keep fighting…to the daily fighters, who can put a knee on the ground from times to times but are still able to get up and move forward. Contractors, parents, preachers, faithful friends, artists, dreamers accomplishing their destiny … they are the people who run the world, to their level, with their personal involvement.

Black and white portraits, each participant must paint his face with the make-up originally used by American football players.


« When you’re not feelin yourself clashes may occur… But somehow it can be an opening to beautiful meetings. » Booba


« Being white on the outside and black inside ! I’m an albino, born in Africa so my make up evokes the dawn, the moment the night gives way to the day. » Aliou


« Never be afraid to make mistakes, this is the best way to learn about Life, about yourself. » Clement


« The foundation of obstacles starts with yourself.  » Yoji


« I wanted to show that the guy with blond hairs and blue eyes is not necessarily the jerk that you can think he is. » Vincent


« This make-up evokes bars, the sensation to be locked and prisoner of the everyday life. » Yann


« The everyday obstacle in my life ? Getting out of bed, I am definitely not a morning person… » Sonja


“amor vincit omnia” Paul


« I don’t base my life, my actions, on acquired things. » Jérome


« What touches me is the pride to have reached a new goal. » Jérémy


« I was in one of the Paris Attacks scene. And at this point, i really felt the need the live my life fully, to stand up and raise my voice. » Johanna


« While I’m healthy I won’t have reason to give up. » Fifou


« Every time look into the future nothing goes the way I planned so I avoid to do that ! » Fleur


« No in off time to be here and there at the same time, do my work and be with my love ones is what I can’t control in this moment of life. »  Cristobal


 « I know where I come from but I don’t know who I am yet. » Christelle


« This warpaint means my hands hiding my face. I drag it to reveal gradually. Step by step… » Clemence


« I’m definitely a survivor, I never give up and I never trade my values for ambitions either. »  Khan


« I’m not running out the fact is through the years I learnt how to face hard times. » Guillaume


When I was younger, I was planning multiple projects at the same time so I was very wasted. Today I’m not any more. » Kares


« My future is all about love, peace and creativity. » Tiffanie


« I want to choose and not to submit. » Sandrine


« Religion is part of me, I grew up with it and refuses to give it up right now that I’m a grown man. » Julien


« Knowledge is the key. » Kohndo


« Everything is possible, especially the best. » Aloïse


« Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient, and the best things come to those who never give up. » Adama


« Life ain’t easy? Ok motherfucker let’s fight! » Alexandre


« To me life is like a movie. ‘Til you don’t see “the end” you keep going. » Alicia


« I don’t see my future. Only the present moment is real. » Anaïs


 « Fight against enemies, against hard times is possible without losing the inner humanity, love and sharing. » Armelle


« No one will prevent me to deliver the message, not even me. » Ben


« I’m a realistic optimist, I think tomorrow can be a better place to live only if we work and fight for it. » Gael


« The most efficient people, rarely are the most flashy, attention grabbing, so it should be better to advance being masked ! » Greg


« Statistics says I am gonna be blind in the next few years but I refuse to accept it, I’m gonna fight until the end, that’s my personality. » Sébastien


« My future… Honestly I can’t imagine it, I can only dream it. » Kamal


« it’s just a question of time but one day we will break the bank all together….cause we deserve it ! » Julien


« An eternal fight against mediocrity, this is what I feel like i’m living each second on this Earth. » Jeebrahil


« My motivation in life is to make my family proud and to give happyness to people. » Yoann


« How Can I fail, when my parents left everything to have a better life ? THEY SUCCEEDED ! » Yann


« I need 36hrs a day. » Thomas


« I’m constantly breaking down the mental walls I and society have put in place. » Teron


« No one…not one person can bring me down but myself. » Sharae


« I’ve already hurt the bottom hard so now so i can only rise and shine. » Shawny


« I don’t forget where i’m from that’s the huge motivation in my everyday life. » Sekouba


« I experienced abandon from my father which I think is the worst experience ever. » Christophe


« I see the good in people regardless of the shit happening in the world. » Jah


« The future belongs to those who will be able to adapt. We enter a new era  where the human is the center of everything … » Dingo


« My make up translates the desert warrior inside me that kills my fear and doubts that try to invade my purity and power. » Cielo


« Sometimes I give up.  And I need to feel that weakness to re-awaken me and allow me to endure.  My strength arises at this exact moment.  » Benoit